Training as a Business Development Technique – Did you ever think about that?

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Business Development is a crucial  function for the existence of any organisation. And any wise organisation will be ready to invest funds for its business development initiatives, marketing and advertising. Of course, it is the only fund in any organisation which goes wholeheartedly without much scrutiny. Marketing and Business development departments are hence “Profit center” of any business.

And come to Training function- Most of the organisations consider it as a burden when it comes to training their employees and hence it is considered as a “Cost Center” .

That being the current scenario, let me tell you about a different scenario.

Scenario 1: I attended an International Certification program recently where there were different entrepreneurs and people from various parts of the nation attended. The five days of training made us closer and several business tie -ups shaped up from the training.

Scenario 2: Employees from different companies attend a Two -day workshop organised by our company. And guess what , after the workshop, they still have a whatsapp group with which they share business leads, information and have a friendly bond.  A  collaboration / business also happened among the companies where these were employees.

In the above two scenarios, there are two things that happen

1. Spending  of quality time together with a singular objective. 

2. Sharing of knowledge and ideas leading to collaborations and new ideas. 

Any Training event where a group of people from various streams or different organisations come together are thus a great source for collaborations and business growth.  This benefit is not available in any other business development initiatives like networking meets, advertisements and similar methods.

Of course, attending a “One day Conference” or “Business meets” helps in networking . But how many of us actually follow-up on the 100s of visiting cards that we gather post the meet?  Instead, if could build a good rapport with just 25 or 30 people and spend quality time, express ourselves , know the others and in the process ,build a long term relationship.. Ain’t that a better idea for a long term business growth?

Hence, I think, its high time, corporate start sending their employees to more “open workshops” , especially the people who are client facing, sales, business development, HR or even technical. These “outside” workshops help the employees gain wider perspective about their jobs .

The only deterrent to this is probably the management’s thinking that , “Employees could leave the company when they get too much exposure ” . And I have the same answer as Zig Ziglar has said, quoted below.



If not yet, start thinking of it in a business development perspective!

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Chandra Vadhana R.

Founder & CEO,

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How to hire the right trainer for your Organisation?

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People ask me how to identify the right trainer for their needs.
My simple formula is below.

  • For training Entrepreneurship, hire a business coach who is also an Entrepreneur
  • For training on Parenting skills, hire a Trainer who is also a Parent
  • For training on Employability skills, hire a Trainer who has done interviews / or been a recruiter.
  • For training on Technology , hire a Trainer who works on technology on a daily basis.
  • For training on customer service, hire a trainer who worked as customer service manager
  • For training on Teaching / Training Skills , hire a trainer who has worked as a Faculty.
  • For training in Communication skills , hire a trainer who is a public speaker / anchor

Ultimately, Experience is the wisest Trainer and A trainer who is experienced in the concerned area are the best to train others.

This also means that a person with sufficient experience can aspire to become a Trainer, provided he /she acquires the skill sets for training and delivery.

At , we have the largest pool of trainers and we are also working towards development of trainer community. We are launching our Certified Professional Trainer Program in June, which will help Professionals from various fields to enter the training career.

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Chandra Vadhana R.

Founder & CEO,

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PicMonkey Collage bagged ‘Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Startup award 2016’, the very first award in the name of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, instituted by Cochin Institute of Science and Technology in association with IEDC (Innovation and entrepreneur Development Cell of CISAT). Ms. Chandra Vadhana, Founder and CEO of received the award from Mr. Kochouseph Chittilappilly, founder of V-Guard Industries on May 6, 2016 at CISAT, Muvattupuzha.

“I feel so honoured to receive the very first award instituted in the name of Dr.APJ Abdul kalam ..The Guru of Gurus and to receive it from the greatest Entrepreneur of Kerala Sri. Kochouseph Chittipally, Ms. Chandra Vadhana said.

Mr. T.R Shamsudheen, Chairman, Cochin Engineering Colleges, Mr. Prasad Panicker, Chief Executive Director, Kochi Refineries BPCL, Mr. Santhosh Nair, Chief Mentor Smmart Training and Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, Mr. K.C Chandrasekharan Nair and Mr. S. R Nair, Director, Mentor Guru were present at the Startup Award; Industry Inter Connect Program.

Registration Open for Advanced Microsoft Excel Workshop May 28

#workshop #excel #advancedexcel  #microsoftexcel #exceltips #learnexcel #training, India’s first exclusive platform for hiring, networking and development of trainers is organizing ONE-DAY INTENSIVE HANDS-ON WORKSHOP in ADVANCED MICROSOFT EXCEL on Saturday, May 28, 2016. Hands-on instruction will be led by Microsoft Master Certified Trainer Mr. Prabhas Panda. The workshop is set for 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m at Nasscom Startup Warehouse, Infopark, Kakkanad, Kochi.

This advanced level Excel Workshop, tailored for Technical Trainers, Entrepreneurs,students and professionals who use Microsoft Excel, will help you learn tips and techniques in using Excel in an effective manner. Seating is limited 20 people.

For registrations, please contact 8590739393. The regular Registration fees will be 3500 Rupees per person. The Early Bird Registration fee will be 3000 Rupees per Person. The early bird discount expires on Friday, May 20th . Groups of three or above can avail of discount. Spot Registration fee will be 5000 Rupees, subject to availability.

Transformation from Teacher to ‘Guru’

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The Sanskrit word ‘Guru’ means ‘one who leads you from darkness or ignorance to the light or knowledge. According to Advayataraka Upanishad, the syllable ‘gu’ means darkness and the syllable ‘ru’ means he who dispels them,Because of the power to dispel darkness, the guru is thus named.

The aim of education in ancient India was attainment of salvation or self-realization. Guru or a teacher in Vedic Age (BC 2000 to BC 600) was considered as a ‘spiritual father’ of his disciples, who lead them towards the goal of life – salvation.

Modern education, with its over- crowded curriculum neglects values and give over emphasis to the grades. This stands as a great barrier on the path of natural development of individuals.  Modern education makes individuals, professionally qualified money-making machines with little human values.

Ancient Indian educationalists gave importance to values such as truth, spirituality, non-violence, simplicity, self realization etc. The Sanskrit word ‘Purshartha’ denotes objectives or values of human life. According to Hinduism, the four objectives or ‘Purusharthas” of life are Righteousness (Dharma), Material wealth (Artha), Desire (Kama), and Salvation (Moksha).

Though we use the words ‘Teacher’, ‘Guru’ and ‘Acharya’ interchangeably, there are a lot of differences between these terms with regard to their roles and importance in the society. The term ‘Acharya’ literally means ‘one who teaches by conduct.’  The disparity between these terms should be reduced.

According to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, good teachers could generate enlightened minds and instill confidence and willpower in students to help them realize their dreams. Thus the present day teachers have to assume the role of gurus to create enlightened citizens and not money-making machines.  Also, our schools should be transformed to knowledge and skill centers. A good teacher should be able to make the students lifelong autonomous learners. It should be their responsibility to make the child a leader rather than a follower.

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manjusha Manoharan

Life Skills Trainer | Success Coach | Parenting Strategist

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Powergear Ltd CEO Dr. K. Subramanian Inaugurated the Chennai T4T K- NET Meet up

#chennaimeetup #t4trainer #trainingservice #trainercommunity #netwoking has launched its offline Trainer Development Initiative – K-NET (Knowledge Networks) meet up in Chennai on 24th April ,2016. The launch of chapter was done by Dr. K. Subramanian , CEO of Powergear Ltd by releasing the chapter scroll. Trainers and experts from Chennai participated in the meet up held at Shankar Business Space, T Nagar, Chennai.

The meet started with a silent prayer, post which Ms.Chandra Vadhana , CEO of 4Tune Factory and , explained the vision and objectives of T4T K-NET.

The launch of the Chennai T4T chapter was done by Dr. K. Subramanian , CEO of Powergear Ltd by releasing the chapter scroll. He later gave a practical and insightful lecture on “A CEO’s insights on training”. He said that, every business faces problems during every phase and every problem could point to a need for training and improvement. Organizations want training to help employees come out of their comfort zone as well as for making them multidisciplinary. Networking skills, risk taking, change management and team working skills are all needed highly to survive in today’s world. He summarized his experiences in explaining all the above points.

Mr.Prasanna Venketeswaran , Zonal Head, Cambridge English while delivering the felicitation, mentioned the great opportunities lying ahead for trainers and the tie ups with T4T for the betterment of the trainer community.

Mr. Shaan, the Training head of PCFCT delivered the Vote of thanks as well as moderated the post session, Group Discussion by trainers. It has been decided to organize regular T4T – K NET meets in chennai and to identify more avenues for training services.

The official meet concluded by 5pm. But the trainers continued their networking post the session as well.

Mr Rajesh Nair Launched 4Tune Factory’s Innovative Portal

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Kochi-based training services provider 4Tune Factory conducted the official launch of its innovative portal during a colorful event held at NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, Info Park, Kakkanad at 2 pm, yesterday. Director of Ernst & Young Group  (EY), Mr. Rajesh Nair launched the portal, incubated in NASSCOM Startup Warehouse.  Trainers and experts from the various sectors were present during the launch.

4tune Factory CEO Ms. Chandra Vadana gave an over view of the portal that has been developed with a view to bring together trainers pan India under same roof.  Mr. Arun Nair, on behalf of NASSCOM Startup Warehouse ensured their support and assistance.

The official launch of the portal was followed by the inauguration of the company’s offline Trainer Development Initiative – K-NET (Knowledge Networks). Mr.S.R.Nair, Director of Kochi-based professional services firm Mentor Guru, inaugurated the first K-NET meet up at Kochi by unveiling the official K-NET logo.

During his presentation on ‘Training Service Marketing – Challenges and Opportunities,’ Mr. Rajesh Nair pointed out that the trainers fail to make use of various opportunities in the skill development sector mainly because of their reluctance to update themselves and develop their skill sets.

While, speaking on the topic-‘The Trainer’s Dilemma To be Not To be’ Mr. S.R Nair said that a trainer should stick on to his core competency to brand himself as a subject expert. Mr. S.R Nair highlighted the importance of unity among trainers to take advantage of the opportunities that are open to them in this ‘Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous’ world. He added that is a great platform that helps trainers to collaborate and gain knowledge on a regular basis.

The general discussion that followed was led by famous soft skill trainer Ms. Raakhee Vijay. The trainers and experts who participated in the event ensured that they will be a part of K-NET meet ups in the coming months.