Do’s and Don’ts for Trainers

• Do maintain good eye contact
• Do prepare in advance
• Do use visual aids
• Do speak clearly
• Do speak loud enough
• Do encourage questions
• Do recap at the end of each session
• Do bridge one topic to the next
• Do encourage participation
• Do write clearly and boldly
• Do summarize
• Do use logical sequencing of topics
• Do use good time management
• Do K.I.S. (Keep it Simple)
• Do give feedback
• Do position visuals so everyone can see them
• Do avoid distracting mannerisms and distractions in the room
• Do be aware of the participants’ body language
• Do keep the group focused on the task
• Do provide clear instructions
• Do check to see if your instructions are understood
• Do be patient

• Don’t talk to the flipchart
• Don’t block the visual aids
• Don’t stand in one spot–move around the room
• Don’t ignore the participants’ comments and feedback (verbal and nonverbal)
• Don’t read from curriculum
• Don’t shout at participants

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