Congrats to all Selected Trainers!

For the past few years in my career as a trainer , I was trying to find out this – “when is the right time for a trainer to get hired? “

Some of you may say that, its during academic year that trainers find more opportunity than during vacation. So, that means, June to February of any year.

So, what do we do the other time of the year? Aren’t there opportunities? Are the trainers out of job?

Well, the answer is simple – ” A Smart trainer always gets hired”

Now, who is a Smart trainer?

He/She is a Trainer, who keeps updating on his/ her area of expertise

He/She is a  Trainer, who keeps updating his/ her professional online presence and visibility
He/She is Trainer who can come up with training modules suited for each time of the year.
He/She is a Trainer, who is willing to share knowledge to his/ her peer group.
He/She is a Trainer , who is ready to put in that extra efforts to get more sessions.
He/She is a Trainer, who networks the most.

and the list can go on!

At , we are currently in an endeavor to help every trainer get a professional branding and online presence. Apart from branding, we are also working on building a networking platform which is expected to be released by end of this month. We are also working on a bringing more opportunities to all our trainers and speakers.

We still have enquirers for trainers in the following sectors

Retail , Banking , Agriculture , Automobile , Logistics , Softskills for immediate deployment for various Govt projects.

Incase any of your friends are looking for training opportunities, please ask them to register their profile at or Call on 8590739393 

Before I conclude, Let me wish a heartiest congratulations to all the 16 trainers who got hired for various skill development projects for deployment in the month of April.

Wishing always the best for all at T4T !

Chandra Vadhana R. MBA, MSc(Psy) , (Phd)

Founder & CEO


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