Training and Placement Article for Engineering Students

#Training# and# Placement# Article# for# Engineering #Students#

Most of the students after completing their Plus Two join for engineering based on their friend’s preferences, family preferences than their own desire. After joining majority of us fail to plan for our four years in the Engineering College, hence after a time of 2 years or 3 years some students realise upcoming placements and need for a job before passing out. But by that time we have lost the areas we need to have worked or improved upon.I would say every student joining engineering should aim either to be entrepreneur, company job or for teaching, and should start preparations in first year of engineering itself.

  1. What is my area of interest? – This can only by doing a self-analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats or Fear (SWOT) Prepare steps to overcome weaknesses and threats.
  2. A Study Time Table should consist of :(i) Daily revision time for Subjects, (ii) Assignment time, (iii) Extra-curricular activities time, (iv) Studying time, (v) English newspaper reading time, (vi) English novels / books reading, (vii) Reading time for e-journals and technical magazines, (viii) Notes preparation keeping for each subject, (ix) Time for hobbies like dancing, painting, games. (x) Practicing diagrams and drawings.The above will bring a lot of discipline and planning into our life.
  3. Reading Business section of English Newspaper dailies and cutting the portions and attach it to a lab manual or notebook to form an own encyclopedia.
  4. Practice on every subject past question papers.
  5. Practice various Aptitude and Quantitative Intelligence past question papers of different companies.
  6. Practice to explore and write about the favourite subjects’ history, present and future developments and technology. Write and recording it in a book.
  7. Industrial visits every year to companies that shall become future prospective employers and related to their core areas of study.
  8. Internships at Industries/companies related to the branch the student is studying. For example, like Surya Bulbs for EEE students or MRF Tyres for ME students.
  9. Projects that are new, unique and innovative not copied or sold out editions for sale at agencies.
  10. Listening to U.K. English TV / Radio news channels and debates on NDTV 24/7, CNN IBN, CNN International, BBC, RT, DW, NHK World
  11. Read Competition Success for Competitive/ UPSC/ IES/ PSC/ Defence Services exams.
  12. Meeting engineers already in the industries through contacts to exchange know-how on current scenario and how to get into jobs after B.Tech difficulties and necessities related to a particular job one is aiming to join.
  13. Regular monitoring of self-goals and self-growth in life than a friend’s.
  14. Preparing on GATE Exams, IELTS Abroad Education.
  15. Practice in front of mirror on self-introduction and general topics to talk for at least 5 minutes a day.
  16. Aim for 70% marks and higher in Engineering throughout work hard and be disciplined.

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