T4Trainer.com All Set to launch KNET Trainer Meetups to Empower Trainers Pan India

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Dear Trainers,

Warm greetings for a wonderful week!

Whenever something new happens around us, we can react in two ways

1. Criticize and look at it with a suspicious eye.

2. Welcome the change and reap the benefits.

Many people fall into the first category and probably end up in misery and as you know, most of the worries they have may be due to lack of knowledge, clarity or confidence.

However, if you ask the successful people, they fall into the second category. They are ready to accept any change and modify their reactions accordingly. Such early adopters do reap greater benefits than the followers. And as Trainers, We are expected to fall into the second category.

Let’s face it. Technology is here to stay. As trainers, we need to get updated to technology and utilize the benefits that it gives to us in performing our training plans effectively. How many of us are ready to utilise the same effectively?  Are you ready? If so, we are also ready to handhold you in the process.

At T4T, we are not just bringing in technological support to the Trainers; we are also working on empowering and knowledge networking for all the empanelled trainers.

With this objective, we will be shortly organizing Trainer meetups named as KNET (Knowledge Networks) in various parts of the country. It is envisaged that KNETs will act as a local chapter of T4T and will help in promoting better quality teaching/training methods. KNETs will act as knowledge and experience sharing avenues for trainers and speakers exclusively.

The first KNET Meet is scheduled on April 23rd at Kochi and the second meet is scheduled on April 24th at Chennai.  The detailed agenda will be circulated soon. We hope to organize similar meets in other parts of the country in the coming months.

In the meantime, let me request you to please like the facebook page of T4T www.facebook.com/T4TKNET as well as share the same in your timeline. We are posting T4Trainer of the Day and you may be the lucky one soon!

We are also happy to inform you that we have started receiving client enquiries for trainers from various parts of the country and we had recently placed a trainer at Dubai for fulltime Trainer job.

At this juncture, my sincere request to all is to update your profile in T4T website if you haven’t done already.  Your detailed profile is very important to impress a client and hence please take some effort in adding your profile photo and other details to the site. Also, add your training photos to the gallery. This will also help in promoting your profile by our marketing division.

We have also improved your profile listing with a few more fields as well as a Calendar feature. Please add all your training events in the calendar and block your dates there.

Its just a beginning and T4T ‘s vision is not just limited to portal based marketplace concept but to become an ecosystem of all Trainers and Stakeholders.

Looking forward to everyone’s support in this endeavour towards enhancing of Training quality in the nation.

Founder & CEO

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