The Real Meaning of Patriotism

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An interesting question pops in my mind now…What is Patriotism? Elections are happening and heated words are on each other to improve the situation to be politically correct and also to connect.We as citizens are flummoxed and cannot give a description. In fact, nobody knows how to explain what patriotism is without involving or attracting the negative issues.

Patriotism is different from religion. The battle is often because of this confusion. We cannot accept when a non Hindu keeps quiet or mends his own business. Hence, proof is expected that, “My name is ……and I am patriotic”, one need not have to show his affection by compelling others to say! Then he will be called a “despot”

It seems like…someone is working seriously on branding good Indians and bad Indians.

*Bharat Matha ki jai

* Jai hind

* Jai ho (the cooler version)

Are they just words? Or are we giving life to them by our tonality? Certainly reality bites here, Patriotism is not by raising slogans and displaying it on the media. Nor by keeping quiet, because silence actually instigates more actions to follow.

1. Are we respecting a fellow Indian?

2. How many deny to share the lower birth to an elderly couple or even to a middle aged man or a woman?

3. Are we ready to support any social cause for people?

4. How many of us have picked up the scattered national flags after 15 th august and 26 th Jan on the roads?

These kind of questions are many but can we answer them without thinking or batting of our eyes? So let’s ask the people, who narrate the well scripted speeches, but doesn’t mind killing people in India for their benefits, the ones who show their sentiments by visiting defense establishments and have an interaction with them, only to claim in the media that they are patriotic.

We are the outstanding sons and daughters of this country and no need of any patriotic test to check whether we are ready to utter jai hind or Bharat matha ki jai! We are the people who have accepted and evolved enough by giving impressive support to these publicity mongers. I conclude that, when we stop endorsing them, we will become a super patriot.


Article Written by


Vindya Ayyar

Soft Skill Trainer And Writer

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