Mr Rajesh Nair Launched 4Tune Factory’s Innovative Portal

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Kochi-based training services provider 4Tune Factory conducted the official launch of its innovative portal during a colorful event held at NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, Info Park, Kakkanad at 2 pm, yesterday. Director of Ernst & Young Group  (EY), Mr. Rajesh Nair launched the portal, incubated in NASSCOM Startup Warehouse.  Trainers and experts from the various sectors were present during the launch.

4tune Factory CEO Ms. Chandra Vadana gave an over view of the portal that has been developed with a view to bring together trainers pan India under same roof.  Mr. Arun Nair, on behalf of NASSCOM Startup Warehouse ensured their support and assistance.

The official launch of the portal was followed by the inauguration of the company’s offline Trainer Development Initiative – K-NET (Knowledge Networks). Mr.S.R.Nair, Director of Kochi-based professional services firm Mentor Guru, inaugurated the first K-NET meet up at Kochi by unveiling the official K-NET logo.

During his presentation on ‘Training Service Marketing – Challenges and Opportunities,’ Mr. Rajesh Nair pointed out that the trainers fail to make use of various opportunities in the skill development sector mainly because of their reluctance to update themselves and develop their skill sets.

While, speaking on the topic-‘The Trainer’s Dilemma To be Not To be’ Mr. S.R Nair said that a trainer should stick on to his core competency to brand himself as a subject expert. Mr. S.R Nair highlighted the importance of unity among trainers to take advantage of the opportunities that are open to them in this ‘Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous’ world. He added that is a great platform that helps trainers to collaborate and gain knowledge on a regular basis.

The general discussion that followed was led by famous soft skill trainer Ms. Raakhee Vijay. The trainers and experts who participated in the event ensured that they will be a part of K-NET meet ups in the coming months.

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