How to hire the right trainer for your Organisation?

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People ask me how to identify the right trainer for their needs.
My simple formula is below.

  • For training Entrepreneurship, hire a business coach who is also an Entrepreneur
  • For training on Parenting skills, hire a Trainer who is also a Parent
  • For training on Employability skills, hire a Trainer who has done interviews / or been a recruiter.
  • For training on Technology , hire a Trainer who works on technology on a daily basis.
  • For training on customer service, hire a trainer who worked as customer service manager
  • For training on Teaching / Training Skills , hire a trainer who has worked as a Faculty.
  • For training in Communication skills , hire a trainer who is a public speaker / anchor

Ultimately, Experience is the wisest Trainer and A trainer who is experienced in the concerned area are the best to train others.

This also means that a person with sufficient experience can aspire to become a Trainer, provided he /she acquires the skill sets for training and delivery.

At , we have the largest pool of trainers and we are also working towards development of trainer community. We are launching our Certified Professional Trainer Program in June, which will help Professionals from various fields to enter the training career.

Article Written by

Chandra Vadhana R.

Founder & CEO,

If you are a Trainer /Speaker/Educator , register your profile for FREE at for better opportunities!!

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