Training as a Business Development Technique – Did you ever think about that?

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Business Development is a crucial  function for the existence of any organisation. And any wise organisation will be ready to invest funds for its business development initiatives, marketing and advertising. Of course, it is the only fund in any organisation which goes wholeheartedly without much scrutiny. Marketing and Business development departments are hence “Profit center” of any business.

And come to Training function- Most of the organisations consider it as a burden when it comes to training their employees and hence it is considered as a “Cost Center” .

That being the current scenario, let me tell you about a different scenario.

Scenario 1: I attended an International Certification program recently where there were different entrepreneurs and people from various parts of the nation attended. The five days of training made us closer and several business tie -ups shaped up from the training.

Scenario 2: Employees from different companies attend a Two -day workshop organised by our company. And guess what , after the workshop, they still have a whatsapp group with which they share business leads, information and have a friendly bond.  A  collaboration / business also happened among the companies where these were employees.

In the above two scenarios, there are two things that happen

1. Spending  of quality time together with a singular objective. 

2. Sharing of knowledge and ideas leading to collaborations and new ideas. 

Any Training event where a group of people from various streams or different organisations come together are thus a great source for collaborations and business growth.  This benefit is not available in any other business development initiatives like networking meets, advertisements and similar methods.

Of course, attending a “One day Conference” or “Business meets” helps in networking . But how many of us actually follow-up on the 100s of visiting cards that we gather post the meet?  Instead, if could build a good rapport with just 25 or 30 people and spend quality time, express ourselves , know the others and in the process ,build a long term relationship.. Ain’t that a better idea for a long term business growth?

Hence, I think, its high time, corporate start sending their employees to more “open workshops” , especially the people who are client facing, sales, business development, HR or even technical. These “outside” workshops help the employees gain wider perspective about their jobs .

The only deterrent to this is probably the management’s thinking that , “Employees could leave the company when they get too much exposure ” . And I have the same answer as Zig Ziglar has said, quoted below.



If not yet, start thinking of it in a business development perspective!

Article Written by

Chandra Vadhana R.

Founder & CEO,

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One thought on “Training as a Business Development Technique – Did you ever think about that?

  1. Sharing knowledge benefits both parties. One cannot give without receiving.

    Developing a Professional Learning Network using FREE Social Software helps cross marketing of products and services. Business should think of co-opetition, where rival businesses cooperate to grow the business pie bigger. Once the business grow bigger, compete for a larger share of the business pie.

    Business is NOT a zero sum game, where when one gains a Dollar, the other loses a Dollar. Business is an ecology – where economy and ecology dance in tune.


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