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Kochi-based training services provider 4Tune Factory has developed its web portal www.t4trainer.com , with a view to bring together trainers pan India under same roof. The official launch of this innovative portal incubated in NASSCOM Startup Warehouse is scheduled to be held on April 23, 2016 between 2 pm and 5 pm. Mr.Rajesh Nair, Director of Ernst & Young Group (EY), Kochi will be launching the portal during an official gathering of trainers at NASSCOM Startup Warehouse, Info Park, Kakkanad.

T4Trainer.com that has already made a revolutionary change in the training sector enables you in booking the best/ideal trainer directly from 1000 plus verified trainer profiles listed in the portal.

The official launch of the portal will be followed by the inauguration of the offline Trainer Development Initiative – K-NET (Knowledge Networks). Mr.S.R.Nair, Director of Kochi-based professional services firm Mentor Guru, will kick start the first K-NET meet at Kochi by unveiling the official K-NET logo.

KNETs will act as knowledge and experience sharing avenues for trainers and speakers exclusively. It is envisaged that KNETs will act as a local chapter of T4Trainer.com and will help in promoting better quality teaching/training methods. 4Tune Factory CEO Ms. Chandra Vadana informed that the company will organize similar meets all over the country in the coming months.

The second K-NET Meet up scheduled to be held in Chennai on April 24th 2016, will be inaugurated by Dr. K Subramanian, CEO and Head of R&D Powergear Ltd., Chennai.

Those who wish to participate in the T4T K-NET meet, may book their seats by calling in these numbers 8590339393 / 8590739393. The entry is free for trainers who have added their profiles in www.t4trainer.com


The Real Meaning of Patriotism

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An interesting question pops in my mind now…What is Patriotism? Elections are happening and heated words are on each other to improve the situation to be politically correct and also to connect.We as citizens are flummoxed and cannot give a description. In fact, nobody knows how to explain what patriotism is without involving or attracting the negative issues.

Patriotism is different from religion. The battle is often because of this confusion. We cannot accept when a non Hindu keeps quiet or mends his own business. Hence, proof is expected that, “My name is ……and I am patriotic”, one need not have to show his affection by compelling others to say! Then he will be called a “despot”

It seems like…someone is working seriously on branding good Indians and bad Indians.

*Bharat Matha ki jai

* Jai hind

* Jai ho (the cooler version)

Are they just words? Or are we giving life to them by our tonality? Certainly reality bites here, Patriotism is not by raising slogans and displaying it on the media. Nor by keeping quiet, because silence actually instigates more actions to follow.

1. Are we respecting a fellow Indian?

2. How many deny to share the lower birth to an elderly couple or even to a middle aged man or a woman?

3. Are we ready to support any social cause for people?

4. How many of us have picked up the scattered national flags after 15 th august and 26 th Jan on the roads?

These kind of questions are many but can we answer them without thinking or batting of our eyes? So let’s ask the people, who narrate the well scripted speeches, but doesn’t mind killing people in India for their benefits, the ones who show their sentiments by visiting defense establishments and have an interaction with them, only to claim in the media that they are patriotic.

We are the outstanding sons and daughters of this country and no need of any patriotic test to check whether we are ready to utter jai hind or Bharat matha ki jai! We are the people who have accepted and evolved enough by giving impressive support to these publicity mongers. I conclude that, when we stop endorsing them, we will become a super patriot.


Article Written by


Vindya Ayyar

Soft Skill Trainer And Writer

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T4Trainer.com All Set to launch KNET Trainer Meetups to Empower Trainers Pan India

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Dear Trainers,

Warm greetings for a wonderful week!

Whenever something new happens around us, we can react in two ways

1. Criticize and look at it with a suspicious eye.

2. Welcome the change and reap the benefits.

Many people fall into the first category and probably end up in misery and as you know, most of the worries they have may be due to lack of knowledge, clarity or confidence.

However, if you ask the successful people, they fall into the second category. They are ready to accept any change and modify their reactions accordingly. Such early adopters do reap greater benefits than the followers. And as Trainers, We are expected to fall into the second category.

Let’s face it. Technology is here to stay. As trainers, we need to get updated to technology and utilize the benefits that it gives to us in performing our training plans effectively. How many of us are ready to utilise the same effectively?  Are you ready? If so, we are also ready to handhold you in the process.

At T4T, we are not just bringing in technological support to the Trainers; we are also working on empowering and knowledge networking for all the empanelled trainers.

With this objective, we will be shortly organizing Trainer meetups named as KNET (Knowledge Networks) in various parts of the country. It is envisaged that KNETs will act as a local chapter of T4T and will help in promoting better quality teaching/training methods. KNETs will act as knowledge and experience sharing avenues for trainers and speakers exclusively.

The first KNET Meet is scheduled on April 23rd at Kochi and the second meet is scheduled on April 24th at Chennai.  The detailed agenda will be circulated soon. We hope to organize similar meets in other parts of the country in the coming months.

In the meantime, let me request you to please like the facebook page of T4T www.facebook.com/T4TKNET as well as share the same in your timeline. We are posting T4Trainer of the Day and you may be the lucky one soon!

We are also happy to inform you that we have started receiving client enquiries for trainers from various parts of the country and we had recently placed a trainer at Dubai for fulltime Trainer job.

At this juncture, my sincere request to all is to update your profile in T4T website if you haven’t done already.  Your detailed profile is very important to impress a client and hence please take some effort in adding your profile photo and other details to the site. Also, add your training photos to the gallery. This will also help in promoting your profile by our marketing division.

We have also improved your profile listing with a few more fields as well as a Calendar feature. Please add all your training events in the calendar and block your dates there.

Its just a beginning and T4T ‘s vision is not just limited to portal based marketplace concept but to become an ecosystem of all Trainers and Stakeholders.

Looking forward to everyone’s support in this endeavour towards enhancing of Training quality in the nation.

Founder & CEO

Quantifying the Intangibles – What’s in it for HR professionals?

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Mankind has been trying to discover and explore the outer space world in the past few decades and hey, the next few decades may be a journey of expedition to man’s inner world. Yes, the human mind is still the most exciting and unraveled mysteries that we are trying to conquer.

The field of psychology has been evolving ever since Ancient Greeks, Chinese and Indians were trying to study the mind and its philosophies. However, Psychology which was a branch of philosophy until the 1870’s, then developed as an independent scientific discipline in Germany and the United States initially.

Today, the field of psychology is fast growing and is becoming a well researched scientific discipline with highly acclaimed research institutes studying the nuances of human brain and the concept of mind. Add to it, the advances in technology, internet and the social media, the science of gauging the human mind is growing leaps and bounds.  The field of Applied Psychology and Psychometric are soon becoming a fashionable thing as well among the corporate. So, what’s this all about? Read on for an overview of the field and how it can help HR Professionals and organizations as such.

What is Psycho Profiling and Psychometric?

Psychometric is the measurement (Metric) of mental attributes (Psycho). It is a scientific method of assessment of human mental attributes towards better self understanding and performance prediction.

What can we measure?

Most of the intangible attributes of mind can be assessed using specifically developed tests. Some of the areas include,

  • Personality
  • Behaviour
  • Skills
  • Attitude
  • Aptitude
  • And many other psychological attributes.

How do we measure?

Advanced Psychological testing like eye tracker, sweat analyser, brain analyser and other instruments are used in well known psychological labs and research institutions for understanding human behaviour and mental attributes. However, we are yet to have such sophisticated methods in India. Hence, most of our Psychological assessment methods include paper and pencil tests (or online version of the same) However, it’s very important that we measure psychological aspects only with Standardized Instruments.

Standardized instruments are reliable and valid and culturally calibrated.  For eg: How do we know that we have fever?  The easy method is to place our hand on forehead and know it. Yes, we realize that we have fever.  We may then decide to take a medicine or decide to go to a doctor. But when you go to the Doctor, he places the thermometer to measure the fever and then only prescribes the medicine accordingly. And the measure gives the temperature in units like degree Celsius or Fahrenheit, so that when the score is high, the medicine and dosage is different than when the temperature is low. Now, Will you trust your doctor if he also places his hands on forehead and prescribes medicine? No, right?  Hence, using a proper diagnostic tool that is calibrated and scientifically tested and norms created is very important for proper diagnosis.

How do we know whether the test is standardized?

Check if Standardization documents are published by the test provider. The standards and norms should be ideally published in credible academic journals as well.  The reliability coefficients and validity results are included in the statistical analysis of these documents. The rule is simple – higher the reliability coefficient, the better the test. Higher the validity, the better the test!  But, hey, in some cases, the most popular tests may not have these coefficients high as well.

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Training and Placement Article for Engineering Students

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Most of the students after completing their Plus Two join for engineering based on their friend’s preferences, family preferences than their own desire. After joining majority of us fail to plan for our four years in the Engineering College, hence after a time of 2 years or 3 years some students realise upcoming placements and need for a job before passing out. But by that time we have lost the areas we need to have worked or improved upon.I would say every student joining engineering should aim either to be entrepreneur, company job or for teaching, and should start preparations in first year of engineering itself.

  1. What is my area of interest? – This can only by doing a self-analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats or Fear (SWOT) Prepare steps to overcome weaknesses and threats.
  2. A Study Time Table should consist of :(i) Daily revision time for Subjects, (ii) Assignment time, (iii) Extra-curricular activities time, (iv) Studying time, (v) English newspaper reading time, (vi) English novels / books reading, (vii) Reading time for e-journals and technical magazines, (viii) Notes preparation keeping for each subject, (ix) Time for hobbies like dancing, painting, games. (x) Practicing diagrams and drawings.The above will bring a lot of discipline and planning into our life.
  3. Reading Business section of English Newspaper dailies and cutting the portions and attach it to a lab manual or notebook to form an own encyclopedia.
  4. Practice on every subject past question papers.
  5. Practice various Aptitude and Quantitative Intelligence past question papers of different companies.
  6. Practice to explore and write about the favourite subjects’ history, present and future developments and technology. Write and recording it in a book.
  7. Industrial visits every year to companies that shall become future prospective employers and related to their core areas of study.
  8. Internships at Industries/companies related to the branch the student is studying. For example, like Surya Bulbs for EEE students or MRF Tyres for ME students.
  9. Projects that are new, unique and innovative not copied or sold out editions for sale at agencies.
  10. Listening to U.K. English TV / Radio news channels and debates on NDTV 24/7, CNN IBN, CNN International, BBC, RT, DW, NHK World
  11. Read Competition Success for Competitive/ UPSC/ IES/ PSC/ Defence Services exams.
  12. Meeting engineers already in the industries through contacts to exchange know-how on current scenario and how to get into jobs after B.Tech difficulties and necessities related to a particular job one is aiming to join.
  13. Regular monitoring of self-goals and self-growth in life than a friend’s.
  14. Preparing on GATE Exams, IELTS Abroad Education.
  15. Practice in front of mirror on self-introduction and general topics to talk for at least 5 minutes a day.
  16. Aim for 70% marks and higher in Engineering throughout work hard and be disciplined.

Written By


Argon David
Trainer at T4Trainer.com

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Congrats to all Selected Trainers!

For the past few years in my career as a trainer , I was trying to find out this – “when is the right time for a trainer to get hired? “

Some of you may say that, its during academic year that trainers find more opportunity than during vacation. So, that means, June to February of any year.

So, what do we do the other time of the year? Aren’t there opportunities? Are the trainers out of job?

Well, the answer is simple – ” A Smart trainer always gets hired”

Now, who is a Smart trainer?

He/She is a Trainer, who keeps updating on his/ her area of expertise

He/She is a  Trainer, who keeps updating his/ her professional online presence and visibility
He/She is Trainer who can come up with training modules suited for each time of the year.
He/She is a Trainer, who is willing to share knowledge to his/ her peer group.
He/She is a Trainer , who is ready to put in that extra efforts to get more sessions.
He/She is a Trainer, who networks the most.

and the list can go on!

At T4Trainer.com , we are currently in an endeavor to help every trainer get a professional branding and online presence. Apart from branding, we are also working on building a networking platform which is expected to be released by end of this month. We are also working on a bringing more opportunities to all our trainers and speakers.

We still have enquirers for trainers in the following sectors

Retail , Banking , Agriculture , Automobile , Logistics , Softskills for immediate deployment for various Govt projects.

Incase any of your friends are looking for training opportunities, please ask them to register their profile at www.T4Trainer.com or Call on 8590739393 

Before I conclude, Let me wish a heartiest congratulations to all the 16 trainers who got hired for various skill development projects for deployment in the month of April.

Wishing always the best for all at T4T !

Chandra Vadhana R. MBA, MSc(Psy) , (Phd)

Founder & CEO